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Myrah Lykes

30-Year Lupus Survivor
Founder of Steps 2 Destiny

Myrah Chantre Lykes was born August 12, 1977, to Apostle Carl and Dr. Virginia Lykes of South Boston, VA. Myrah attended Halifax County Public Schools and graduated a year early with honors. On the eve of her college career, THE PHONE CALL came. The telephone ring that in the minds of her parents shook their very core - almost dismantled the foundation of our lives. "Your daughter Myrah Lykes has lupus, and her life expectance is _, and her ability to do the normal things has now taken a serious decline." Myrah looked at her father deep In his glassy eyes, gathered herself, and said internally, "I WILL DEFEAT THIS .. ." 

Against the odds, Myrah attended all four years of college and graduated with honors, and then received her Masters's Degree in Educational Leadership shortly after. She went on to teach for 13 years and retired only to continue in the capacity of a volunteer principal of a college preparatory private school for the next five years. 

Myrah is married to Jamie Lamar Lykes and is the proud mother of two very handsome boys, even after losing a daughter at birth. Determined not to let Lupus win, Myrah continues to strive and triumph as she serves as the Youth Pastor of the Apostolic Faith Churches of Deliverance and founded Steps 2 Destiny, a nonprofit that empowers youth and individuals affected by autoimmune diseases through support, love, and understanding. And Myrah is proud to be a champion in the lives of many survivors as she serves as the facilitator for the Lupus Foundation of America North Carolina Chapter.

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