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Tony L. Cooper, Sr.

Vice President of Steps to Destiny

Tony Lee Cooper is the founder of the Bridging the Gap Programs in Halifax County in South Boston Virginia. With being the Executive Director, he has served hundreds of youths both in Virginia and North Carolina. Bridging the Gap Programs was conceived out of a desire to assist the community by providing programs designed to confront the problems among youth involved in teen pregnancies, substance abuse, violence, and lack of education. He has put in countless hours establishing the programs, coordinating activities, and handling the basic office operations.

Over the years, The Bridging the Gap Program has evolved and grown tremendously.

The program was originally designed to help young fathers between the ages of 14-24 become responsible young men and more important, good fathers. The ultimate goal is to get fathers involved in rearing their children. The program provides other training activities GED, parenting skills, computer training, and father-child-retreats. However, because of the immediate needs of the community, other programs which were geared for girls were established.  The programs are free of charge to perspective clients and endeavors to help them by giving advice concerning custody, child support, establishing paternity, and finding a job.

Bishop Cooper has conducted workshops in Arizona for the Fathers & Families Coalition of America and other venues. Titles of presentations were, “Don’t Destroy the Trees;” “Unmasking your True Identity;” “Father, what is My Name?” and “Who is My Daddy?”  He is presently working on a series of lessons on the topic, “A Father Wounds.” The training identifies the inner struggles that young men have found themselves in as a direct result of their environment. The main question addressed is how one becomes something that he has not seen with his eyes nor experienced living within his family – a good father!

Bishop Cooper is a Bishop at his local assembly Christ Cathedral of Deliverance where he serves as Pastor of Christian Education. He is also a member of the Executive Board of Bishop in the Apostolic Faith Churches of Deliverance. Bishop Cooper is a graduate of Bluefield College in Bluefield, VA where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and Organization Management. Cooper also holds a Master of Education degree in Curriculum Instruction/Adult Learner from the Phoenix University and a Doctorates Degree in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Organizational Development from Grand Canyon University. He is happily married to Erica Cooper, and is a proud father to one daughter and two sons. Cooper is now presently employed with Livingstone College as the Senior Project Success Coach with their Student Support Services – TRIO Program. 

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